Harbor of the Fondazione

The Fondazione put down its roots one hour away from Paris, near the Fontainebleau Forest, in the old tannery of the Picardeau along the banks of the Loing river.

In this landscape chiseled by the water, Cézanne, Sisley, Renoir, and many painters of their time, have spent long hours gazing and experimenting with the restitution of the plays of light. Later, cinema was to immortalize such scenery with Jean Renoir’s masterpiece Partie de campagne. Artists from the “The Barbizon school” (1830 -1870) broke through conventions, by walking out of their art studio to paint from nature itself. Painters and authors, such as Theodore Rousseau and later on George Sand, raised their voices to express the collective need to appreciate and preserve the environment, leading to the Fontainebleau Forest becoming the first nature reserve in the world.

It is in the cultural context of this regional setting that the Fondazione takes inspiration and strength to develop two projects : Une pièce sur l’eau an art residency settled at the Picardeau and its itinerant extension The river can not go back.

Le Picardeau