Artistic legacy

The Fondazione is located an hour from Paris, near the forest of Fontainebleau, in the former tannery of Le Picardeau, on the banks of the Loing river. This landscape chiseled by the water has inspired painters such as Cézanne, Sisley, and Monet. Later, cinema was to immortalize such scenery with Jean Renoir’s masterpiece Partie de campagne. In the footsteps of the painter Théodore Rousseau, the artists of the Barbizon School made their voices heard to express the collective need to defend the forest as a place of contemplation against exploitation. Their efforts resulted in creating an “artistic reserve” making the Fontainebleau Forest the first site in history to be protected by law, before Yellowstone National Park in 1872. Figures such as Georges Sand and Victor Hugo joined their battle to emphasize the need to appreciate and protect the forest and the environment.

It is in the cultural context of this regional setting that the Fondazione takes inspiration and strength to its actions.

Living breathing harbour

Le Picardeau is located in the very center of Nemours close to its castle, a five-minute walk from the train station that connects the city to Paris and Fontainebleau. The property houses four apartments and a bar restaurant overlooking the old water mill. Le Picardeau facilities are available for the artists in residency and welcome the public during various events set in this lively and creative place. By inviting artists to this very special scenery, the Fondazione wishes to offer them an inspiring setting just a stone’s throw from the capital.

Le Picardeau