to the Fondazione Claudia Cardinale


I have always been convinced that art and creation are unlimited resources for renewing the imaginary over contemporary issues. 

The battles I have defended in my life are still as vivid as ever and require new energies to be carried out in today’s society. 

It is in this desire for transmission that the Fondazione was born. 

Today, to my delight, it is not about me, a figure from the cultural world, but about a team that works in this common wish to allow art to be a voice for change.

The Fondazione is also my home, a place to live in every sense of the word. A place for sharing that feeds on the richness of a territory and open to the world.

Hoping that this can find your interest and support.


Our missions:

Start anew 
Each year, the Fondazione invites an artist to create a new art piece. The Fondazione supports its production costs. At the end of the residency, the work is presented to the public, at Le Picardeau or in a local venue, before traveling in France and internationally thanks to partnerships.

A living breathing harbour
The Fondazione opens the doors of Le Picardeau in Nemours, Seine-et-Marne, as a place of life, meeting, and circulation. It contributes to the local dynamic by programming free artistic and cultural events. The apartments, the bar, and the garden of Le Picardeau can host exhibitions, conferences, performances, workshops, concerts…

Inner exploration 
The Fondazione regularly opens its accommodations for short artistic residencies. Artists, invited or selected through open calls, get a precious space and time to devote themselves to this particular moment of research within the creative process. During dedicated events, the artists share their progress and thoughts with the public.

Enlarging horizons
The Fondazione promotes intercultural exchanges by working with international partners. Through a program of cross-residencies, artists travel to nourish and share their work and visions.