The Fondazione Claudia Cardinale is founded by the actress and run by her daughter Claudia Squitieri in the common wish to perpetuate the life commitments of the woman and actress. 

Convinced that art and creation are unlimited resources to renew the imaginary over contemporary issues, the Fondazione wishes to develop cultural projects favoring interdisciplinary dialogues where various theoretical and practical knowledge intersect.

Throughout her life and till this day, Claudia Cardinale represents culture, art, and a life of engagement, namely for the defense of Women’s Rights and the Environment. 

Her commitment is attested to by her appointment as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the Defense of the Rights of Women and Young Girls in March 2000. 

Since 2007 she is honorary president of Green Cross Italy, a role extended in 2012 to support the Green Drop Award given annually at the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia.

Working with visionaries such as Federico Fellini, Werner Herzog, Sergio Leone, Luchino Visconti – to name but a few – has shown her the power of art as a vehicle for open-mindedness and for a deeper understanding of our world. The cinema era to which she belongs was a time of strong intellectual exchange nourished by all fields of society. These times of intellectual bonding are vital for our advancement.

It is this cultural patrimony and its teachings that Claudia Cardinale wishes to transmit through the Fondazione in the belief that the fostering of cross-fertilization of ideas is an ongoing responsibility. 

The mission of the Fondazione is thus to contribute to our societal change through the production, promotion, and diffusion of arts with particular attention to woman artists and ecological awareness.